The Anne Penman Stop Smoking Program

The Anne Penman Stop Smoking Programme is the most advanced treatment for helping people to stop smoking cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes. Because we know everyone reacts differently, the programme is tailored to each individual’s needs. This means that regardless of how many you smoke or for how long, this Programme can help you achieve your goal to become smoke-free.
It combines:

– Laser Therapy
– Counselling
– Continual Support and Motivation

Which can help you to:

– Control your cravings
– Free yourself from nicotine addiction entirely (rather than relying on substitutes like e-cigarettes and patches)
– Improve your overall health dramatically, and the health of those around you

What Happens During The Programme?

The  programme consists of three sessions: The first session is one hour long, and this is usually all that is required to help you become smoke-free.  However, we understand that the first 2 or 3 days of quitting smoking are crucial and to maximise your success we recommend a second session within two to three days.  Further sessions can be arranged depending on individual needs. These on-going sessions are offered to help you remain smoke-free

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a well-established therapeutic technique with a wide range of medical applications.

The Anne Penman method utilises a cold laser applied to energy points to help stimulate endorphin levels affected by nicotine withdrawal, help individuals stay calm and feel more in control and help the body detox.


During the initial session we will discuss your lifestyle, the role smoking plays in your life, when and where you smoke, the factors that lead you to smoke and your dependency level. This will help us to create a tailored plan to help you to overcome your addiction.We will also offer you a nicotine addiction test to help you understand your level of addiction and a carbon monoxide test to measure the amount of carbon monoxide currently in your lungs and blood stream. We use the carbon monoxide monitor as a motivational tool to help track your success.

Continual Support and Motivation

You’ll be provided with 24/7 support via our helpline, and our highly trained staff will be on hand to advise you when required. Every member of staff understands how difficult it can be to overcome a nicotine addiction, and we believe that this experience helps them to provide excellent support.

How Do I Prepare For The Program?

  • Set a date to stop smoking and stick to it. Call us to make your appointment
  • Keep a diary for a day or two. Note down for a short period of time why, when, where, with whom you smoke and the number of cigarettes
  • Think about your reasons for quitting smoking and write them down. This can include saving money, being healthier, for the sake of your family or just because you want to be free of the addiction. Keep this list somewhere handy to remind you why you quit
  • Inform your family members and close friends that you are going to stop smoking and ask them for their support
  • Find others who would like to give up smoking and agree to support each other 
  • Get rid of lighters, ashtrays and matches and make sure you don’t have any cigarettes around 
  • Remove any stale smoke smells by spring-cleaning your house and clothes

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