Anne’s Story

Anne Penman’s background began in the hospitality industry working at her mum’s pub in Ireland for many years. Anne stopped smoking for a time but working a fun job and in a social atmosphere the urge to start smoking soon returned for both Anne and her husband Ron. Together they began to return to a familiar 3 pack-a-day addiction.

“I was a woman with a passion for smoking and even after Ron suffered his first heart attack at only 37, we ignore the warnings and continued our smoking habit. Both Ron’s father and brother died in their thirties so Ron wanted to die “happy” which for us meant smoking. We were both afraid and as classic smokers, when we worry we tend to smoke more.

Ron’s health deteriorated and four years later suffered another massive heart attack. This time, after a triple bypass and 12 week hospital stay, Ron stopped smoking. I’m delighted to say that Ron is now 68, alive and kicking and it’s because of Ron that my career changed direction. I realized that every family deserves to keep loved ones around as long as possible and I knew that I wanted to help as many people as possible. After discovering laser therapy as a way of quitting smoking, I began to develop my own individual, tailor-made program that combines laser therapy with personalized counseling and a 24-hour helpline.

Today, the Anne Penman Method has a global team of certified and experienced trainers providing support to its’ many clients. It is my dream to help as many people as possible make long term lifestyle changes. I truly believe that with the right support you can do anything.