Laser therapy is an increasingly popular, well established
way to stop smoking, beat stress and lose weight by
stimulating natural energy points in the body –
only using a pain free, harmless, soft laser beam
which helps to release your body’s natural endorphins.

destress with laser therapy


Looking to de-stress? We help promote a feeling of well-being, lower anxiety levels and mood swings, and improve sleeping patterns.

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quit smoking with laser therapy

Quit Smoking

Want to quit smoking? Achieve your goal to become smoke-free. Stop smoking cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes without weight gain.

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lose weight with laser therapy

Lose Weight

Need to lose weight? The Anne Penman Weight Loss Program combines laser therapy, counseling, continual support and motivation.

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Laser Therapy Training

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Laser Therapy Treatments

Quit Smoking
Lose Weight

Just struck me that its been 3 months with NO cigarettes, nicotine gum, patches, etc. Nothing. NO crutches!! Since falling off the wagon years ago i was never fully able to get back onto it and was constantly struggling with smoking. i'd manage to swap cigs for gum, or some other way to get nicotine, but was never really happy with either. when smoking i felt like shit because my (amazingly patient) wife HATED it and every smoker knows why they call em coffin nails. While on the gum, or whatever, i was anxious because i wasnt smoking, it just was never the same. 100% lose-lose and i never could find the spine to go cold turkey like i did years ago. Enter Anne Penman Charleston. Had two sessions and found that even after the 1st one there was a difference. still had cravings and i still had to work to not smoke but it was manageable. Smoking was something that rode in the back of my head but it wasnt dominating my day. as the days went by, and i had that second session, that got better too. its been three months now and i can honestly say its not something i think about daily or even weekly. SO - thank you Anne Penman! If you're a smoker and find yourself in the same boat i was a few months ago, i highly recommend you stop by and have a chat with these fine folks. As a plus, its pretty much across the street from the Tin Roof so your Happy Hour for the day is sorted as well. Win-Win!!!

Steve Waszkiewicz - Charleston Success Client
I started my course of laser treatments in January 2010 – it was my New Year resolution – and I haven’t had a cigarette since then. The reason I loved the laser – as well as it working! – was it did help me with the weight gain and the stress of dealing with stopping smoking.
Linda Jones

I NEVER forget that my training is why my success rate is so high and consistent. The Laser Therapy training course is the perfect role model to set up your business. Anne is there for you every step of the way and then it is up to you to deliver!
Eileen Sonsini Anne Penman Clinic Owner and Reiki Master



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